Table of Contents:

  1. Intro

  2. Setup

    • Gear

    • Skills

    • Attributes

    • Consumables, Race, and Mundus

    • Champion Points (CP)

    • Rotation

    • Misc Information

  3. Tips



This build’s sustain is decent while maintaining Harness Magicka, Endless Fury last hits and/or Force Pulse last hits.


The class’s tankiness would be considerably stronger, but, due to the excess of true damage, you will feel quite powerless in many defensive situations.

40% Complete (success)

We have some healing due to healing ward and crit surge but in comparison to almost any other class, this can be very lackluster.

A solid ranged DPS, this build can dish out some insane damage due to its reliable cc capabilities and linear burst combo.


This build’s complexity is highly dependent on the fight it finds itself in.

40% Complete (success)

This build is very one dimensional and glass canon-y. With shields you do have a high amount of defense but your ultimate goal is to burst enemies down when the opportunity presents itself.



ShoulderLightDomihausWell FittedMagicka
GlovesLightShacklebreakerWell FittedMagicka
BootsLightShacklebreakerWell FittedMagicka
BeltLightShacklebreakerWell FittedMagicka
Main HandFire StaffSpinner's GarmentsNirnhonedFlame Damage
Off Hand
Back Bar WeaponRestoration StaffSpinner's GarmentsInfusedBerserker
NecklaceSpinner's GarmentsInfusedMagicka recovery
RingSpinner's GarmentsInfusedSpell Damage
RingSpinner's GarmentsInfusedSpell Damage




Refer to the Misc tab to find where to find the sets and where they fit in.

Fire Staff | Main Damage Bar

  • Force Pulse (Single Target Burst | morph of Force Shock) – Your “spammable”. While I still advise that you mostly use Light Attacks this patch more often than any other skill, this would be the skill you use the most. It offers alot of damage and even sustain on last hits as well as free penetration.

  • Endless Fury (Execute| morph of Mage’s Fury) – Preemptive execute that also provides sustain with killing blows.

  • Crystal Fragments (Single Target Burst | morph of Crystal Shard) – A hard hitting ability that we don’t want to cast unless its special proc has activated.  Whenever you spend Magicka on this bar you’ll have a 35% chance to make this an instant cast, deal additional damage, and cost half its current cost.  Your hands will glow when you know it’s been activated.

  • Streak (Mobility | morph of Bolt Escape) – Your escape/re-positioning/engage. It is a very versatile tool that offers you control over fights in many cases.

  • Hardened Ward (Shield | morph of Conjured Ward) – Boasting immense damage mitigation this skill is your main defensive tool until you’re pushed into turtle mode. Also gives use of the Daedric Protection passive.

  • [Ultimate] Shooting Star (AoE DoT + Burst | morph of Meteor) – This ability does insane single target burst damage if it is unblocked and it provides a decent DoT if the target remains in its radius. Furthermore, it provides nice ult return while largely outnumbered.

Restoration Staff | Buffs

  • Rune Cage (Single Target CC | morph of Rune Prison) – This stun’s performance is through the roof this patch due to the fact that it is unblockable and undodgeable on top of very decent damage.

  • Healing Ward (Shield | morph of Steadfast Ward) – Your only reliable source of healing that gets stronger the lower you are. Make sure to layer this under your other shields to increase your chances of receiving the full heal at the end of the duration.

  • Harness Magicka (Shield | morph of Annulment) – A very decent shield that also returns magicka per magicka ability you are hit by, up to 3, potentially returning the full cost of the ability and more.

  • Power Surge (Buff | morph of Surge) – Buffs your spell damage and heals you on crits.

  • Haunting Curse (Single Target Burst | morph of Daedric Curse) – A twice over delayed burst that allows you to time multiple damaging abilities for optimum damage output.

  • [Ultimate] Light’s Champion (Heal/Buff | morph of Panacea) – A fantastic AoE heal and buff that ups your crits and resistances while giving a massive HoT.


Avoid putting points into Health if possible.  If you feel you need more Health, try using a Health Enchant on your armor instead.

Food Options: I use Witchmother’s Potent Brew for the added sustain.

Potion Options: Normally I’d use spell power pots but seeing as this patch I run Power Surge for extra healing I do not need another source of major sorcery, thus I run Essence of Immovability with health and magicka.

Race: High Elf

Mundus Stone Options: I use the Apprentice, but the Mage is also very usable, as is the Atronach if extra sustain is needed.

This segment shows the optimal CP setup for a player who is well knowledged in animation canceling and their rotation.

The Mage (Blue)

  • Elemental Expert – 43

  • Master-at-Arms – 72

  • Staff Expert – 9

  • Elfborn – 51

  • Spell Erosion – 64

  • Shattering Blows – 11

The Thief (Green)

  • Tenacity – 19

  • Arcanist – 64

  • Mooncalf – 49

  • Warlord – 51

  • Sprinter – 23

  • Siphoner – 3

  • Tumbling – 28

  • Shadow Ward – 13

The Warrior (Red)

  • Elemental Defender – 37

  • Hardy – 37

  • Ironclad – 56

  • Thick Skinned – 23

  • Resistant – 36

  • Bastion – 61

Rotation in pvp is highly dependent on the fight and thus I can’t reliably offer a series of skills that remain useful in every situation or most.

Set Locations


Where to get;

Requires 6 Researched Traits and crafted at these locations

  • Vvardenfell – Zergonipal

Spinner’s Garment

Where to get;

Malabal Tor dropped set

Monster Sets

Shoulders come from the chests at the Undaunted Enclave.  Helmets drop in their respective dungeons.  Play around with configurations you like.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Magicka Sorcerer is a great class for players who are looking for any easy to access class that still translates well into end game content.  Between huge shields and a versatile skill kit, almost anyone can make this class work.

  • Any time your target becomes cc’ed you has to take advantage of your small window to unload your burst.

  • Magsorc burst is very one dimensional and has a small window of opportunity. It can take time and practice to do more than just serve as an execute bot.