Table of Contents:

  1. Intro

  2. Setup

    • Gear

    • Skills

    • Attributes

    • Consumables, Race, and Mundus

    • Champion Points (CP)

    • Rotation

    • Misc Information

  3. Tips



While better than in previous patches, sustain is still a bit harder comparatively to some other classes.  In a group setting we have no worries though!


Dragonknights are notorious for being the tankiest class in the game, and this build is no different.  Access to tons of mitigation from abilities and passives helps us take a hit when we’re in melee range.

40% Complete (success)

Solid healing on our primary DoT, and access to tons of skills that offer tremendous healing help the Dragonknight work well in many bits of content.

This build is a force to be reckoned with for damage production, having extreme potential in group scenarios.  Primarily focused on single target damage, it also has respectable cleave DPS.

40% Complete (success)

The “DK Dance” as we call it might take some time to get in the rhythm with.  We don’t have a super complex rotation, but you won’t feel the true power of the class until you start getting the hang of it.

40% Complete (success)

Functioning best in group content, the Dragonknight works well in many facets of the game.  Keep in mind that our solo performance is a bit rough though.


Beginner Setup

Pure Damage

Mobility Fights

Ranged Only Setup


Refer to the Misc tab to find where to find the sets and where they fit in.

Inferno Staff (Spammable and DoTs)

  • Engulfing Flames (Conal DoT | morph of Fiery Breath) – A solid pressure skill that also makes any target hit by the initial hit take 10% more Flame damage from all sources for the 10 second DoT duration.  Incredibly important for you and your group to keep up all the time!

  • Burning Embers (DoT and Heal | morph of Searing Strike) – Another great pressure skill, it will explode for a heal based on the amount of damage it did over its duration.  If you recast it early it will still heal, but for less since it won’t have reached its full damage potential.  Cast this immediately after Engulfing Flames.

  • Flame Lash or Molten Whip (Spammable | morph of Lava Whip) – An incredibly powerful spammable that is bound to melee range.  Flame Lash offers a special proc against Off Balance targets that deals bonus damage, free cost, a stun, and an incredibly powerful heal, while Molten Whip adds some extra Spell Damage to your Ardent Flame abilities.

    • If you’re fighting from a range try Force Pulse (morph of Force Shock) or Elemental Weapon (morph of Imbue Weapon).  Force Pulse has minor cleave potential and great support, while Elemental Weapon boasts cheaper cost and passive augments for slotting.

  • Harness Magicka (Self Shield | morph of Annulment) – A fantastic damage shield that helps soak a lot of damage and return Magicka when taking Elemental or Magical damage.  I suggest this for most players so they can take extra punishment while learning.

  • Inner Light (Self Buff | morph of Mage Light) – A passive slot that offers us 7% Max Magicka and 2% Magicka Recovery.  It also can proc Empower if you cast it, but due to the high Magicka cost this is ill advised.

  • [Ultimate] Elemental Rage (AoE DoT | morph of Elemental Storm) – An ultimate capable of disgusting power from DPS and resource management, this is also needed on this bar to ensure the Ancient Knowledge passive is active while on this bar.  Any time this gets a killing blow you’ll get 3600 Magicka back from our passives, helping you melt enemies and stay in the fight.  If you’re using Master Architect for your group, don’t cast this since the cost is so high.

Inferno Staff (More DoTs!)

  • Blockade of Fire (AoE DoT | morph of Wall of Elements) – A centerpiece of power for any caster build, for good reason.  This thing does fantastic damage and gains even more damage when targets are afflicted with the Burning Status.  Keep this up at all times, regardless of AoE or Single Target.

  • Rearming Trap Beast (Buff | morph of Trap Beast) – Even whilst this ability is a Stamina one, it serves the function of offering us Minor Force.  The main function of this over the new Psijic Order skill Acceleration, is that it costs us Stamina to cast and still deals damage instead of doing no damage and being further Magicka intensive.  You’ll need to be in melee range to use it.

    • If you’re doing really tough content and you need a bit of extra mitigation, try using Volatile Armor (Self Buff and DoT | morph of Spiked Armor) to gain Major Ward and Resolve.  You’ll also deal a bit of damage over time to enemies in the area around you.

  • Eruption (AoE DoT | morph of Ash Cloud) – A long lasting area of effect ability that deals moderate damage and snares any enemy inside.  It also grants Ultimate for casting (from our passives) and grants allies Minor Brutality (also a passive) so it helps our group utility.

  • Flames of Oblivion (Timed Direct Damage | morph of Inferno) – While this ability seems like a DoT, it is instead Direct Damage.  Boasting immense raw single target damage, you should try to keep this up when you can.  Due to the awkward duration of it though it might fall off or be over cast.

    • If fighting in AoE situations you may treat this as a flex spot and use an ability like Dark Talons, Inhale, or Fire Rune.

  • Inner Light (Self Buff | morph of Mage Light) – A passive slot that offers us 7% Max Magicka and 2% Magicka Recovery.  It also can proc Empower if you cast it, but due to the high Magicka cost this is ill advised.

  • [Ultimate] Standard of Might (AoE DoT & Buff | morph of Dragonknight Standard) – No Dragonknight would find themself without slotting this skill.  Offering immense single target and AoE damage potential alone, it also offers the user 15% Damage Mitigation as well as 15% Increased Damage while inside the area.  Allies in the area can also activate an incredibly powerful synergy that deals a burst of Flame damage and immobilizes enemies in the radius.


Avoid putting points into Health if possible.  If you feel you need more Health, try using a Health Enchant on your armor instead.

Food Options: Bi Stat (Health & Magicka), Witch Mother’s Brew, or Clockwork Citrus Filet will be the best bets with this build.  Witchmother’s or Clockwork helps the most with sustain, while Bi Stat is if you can manage to sustain fine and just want big stats.

Potion Options: Spell Power Potions (Lady Smock, Corn Flower, and Water Hyacinth) is definitely ideal with this build, and will allow for 100% uptime on Major Sorcery, Intelligence, and Prophecy.  If you’re doing easier content or wish to save on money simply use Essence of Magicka. 

Race OptionsThe order for races in terms of holistic power is as follows;

Dunmer (best overall damage) > Altmer (very close overall damage and decent sustain) > Breton (close damage and better sustain) > Argonian (moderate damage but best sustain and healing)

Mundus Stone Options: If under 16000 Spell Penetration after buffs/debuffs are applied use The Lover (Physical and Spell Penetration).  If at or above 16000 Spell Penetration, or want damage and healing capabilities use The Apprentice (Spell Damage)The Thief (Spell Critical) will produce the highest DPS assuming you’re running a minimum of 80% Critical Hit Damage, and are comfortable with your rotation.  If you’re struggling with sustain, do not opt to use The Atronach (Magicka Recoveryas there are better ways to obtain sustain.

Poisons Or Enchants: 

  • Front Bar; Flame or Shock Damage glyphs are idea.  Flame if your target will already have Concussion being applied to them, or Shock if you want the Minor Vulnerability.

  • Back Bar; Berserker or Absorb Magicka glyphs here.  Berserker offers the most raw damage, while Absorb Magicka helps if you’re struggling with sustain.

This segment shows the optimal CP setup for a player who is well knowledged in animation canceling and their rotation.

The Mage (Blue)

  • Elemental Expert – 43

  • Master-at-Arms – 66

  • Staff Expert – 9

  • Elfborn – 52

  • Spell Erosion – 28

  • Thaumaturge – 52

    • If your group is applying a lot of Spell Resistance Reduction buffs or you’re running a lot of innate Penetration, you can lower Spell Erosion.  Remember that if you add up all sources of Pen+Reduction and it’s over 18200, you’re not gaining any benefit.  If this is the case, start pumping up nodes like Master at Arms, Thaumaturge, and Staff Expert.

The Thief (Green)

  • Tenacity – 49

  • Arcanist – 49

  • Warlord – 40

  • Sprinter – 34

  • Tumbling – 56

  • Shadow Ward – 23

The Warrior (Red)

  • Elemental Defender – 37

  • Hardy – 37

  • Ironclad – 81

  • Thick Skinned – 61

  • Free 34 points

    • Keep in mind that each encounter has its own different damage types.  Some dungeons, trials, or boss encounters don’t deal Physical damage; so Hardy may become useless.  If you’re trying to optimize your mitigation always learn what sort of damage bosses deal, and change your CP accordingly.

The Magicka Dragonknight has a slightly difficult rotation that revolves around constantly dancing through damage over time abilities and buffs.  If you’re using the Flame Lash morph it’ll be a bit tougher too since you’ll have to line up Off Balance procs!  Below is a guideline to help you out.

Priority 1) Buffs up, as always.  This includes our Potions (47s duration), Flames of Oblivion (15s duration), and possibly Volatile Armor (20s)*.

Priority 2) Begin by placing a Trap Beast (12s)*, and then applying Eruption (18s), and Blockade of Storms (8s).  Make sure to Light Attack in between each of these.  Now Bar Swap after applying Blockade of Storms/Flame, and do Engulfing Flames (10s) and Burning Embers (10s).

Priority 3) Begin “Spam” mode once all of your DoTs and Buffs are up.  You should be able to get 5 Lashes off in quick succession here.

Priority 4) Once your Blockade of Storms fades, immediately go to Apply Blockade..  We’ll only be casting Eruption and Flames of Oblivion every other back bar rotation since they last ~16s, and Blockade is on an 8s interval.

Where do I cast my Ultimate?) Your Ultimate is a powerful tool for the Dragonknight, Standard amplifies all damage you deal by 15% for 18 seconds.  This means you don’t want to drop it right away, instead drop if after you have ALL of your DoTs up.  Ultimates also restore resources for us, so you might want to cast it when you’re under 60% of your Magicka.

Set Locations


Where to get;

Requires 3 Researched Traits and crafted at these locations

  • Grahtwood – Temple of the Eight

  • Stormhaven – Fisherman’s Island

  • Deshaan – Berezan’s Mine

How it performs;

This set is meant to offer beginner players a few extra set bonuses without costing too much.  Ease off this set as soon as you’re comfortable.

Law of Julianos

Where to get;

Requires 6 Researched Traits and crafted at these locations

  • Wrothgar – Boreal Forge

How it performs; An incredibly solid setup that offers us some nice Spell Damage.  This makes a prime candidate for a versatile setup between damage and healing, as well as AoE or single target damage.

Monster Sets

Shoulders come from the chests at the Undaunted Enclave.  Helmets drop in their respective dungeons.  Play around with configurations you like.


Where to get;

Comes from treasure vaults inside Imperial City Prison.  Also drops from doing Random Daily Dungeons in the Group Finder.

How it performs; Mainly meant for beginner players who don’t have access to Jewelrycrafting, or dungeon sets, it won’t help you break any records but it’s a nice and easy to obtain BoE set that will help your damage and healing.

Mechanical Acuity

Where to get;

Requires 6 Researched Traits and crafted at these locations

  • Clockwork City – Pavillion of Artifice

How it performs; Even after the nerfs in Summerset, this is an incredibly efficient set that helps us focus on other stats other than Critical Strike.  While it might not be “BiS” in as many situations as before, it’s still very close to the next best thing.  Keep in mind that if you’re not comfortable with a rotation yet, this set will not do well for you.

Mantle of Siroria

Where to get;

Drops from Normal or Veteran Cloud Rest, located in Summerset, as well as placing on the Weekly Veteran Leaderboards for Cloud Rest, and the weekly coffer quest from either difficulty.

How it performs; Undeniably the best Magicka DPS set in the game, assuming you can keep the fully stacked effect active for the majority of the fight.  This means high mobility fights you won’t want to use this too much unless you’re really good at micromanagement.

Maelstrom Staff

Where to get;

Drops in Veteran Maelstrom Arena, as well as placing on the Weekly Veteran Maelstrom Arena Leaderboards.

How it performs; A huge boon to any Magicka DPS, offering immense DPS simply for casting Wall of Elements and Light or Heavy Attacking enemies inside it.

Perfected Asylum Staff

Where to get;

Drops in Veteran Asylum Sanctorum Hardmode, as well as placing on the Weekly Veteran Maelstrom Arena Leaderboards.

How it performs; If you’re deciding to run a ranged build with Force Pulse, this always will be a valuable staff.  The Imperfected Staff isn’t really worthwhile though.

Burning Spellweave

Where to get;

Drops from Normal or Veteran City of Ash I&II.

How it performs; On any class with enough Fire Damage, this is one of the best caster setups in the game.  Offering great Spell Damage from the proc, it also has a unique form of Burning that stacks with other forms, allowing it to still out perform Julianos even if it’s under the 57% mark on uptime in some situations.


Where to get;

Drops from Vlastarus Elfbane Bags in Cyrodiil.

How it performs; Extending all Fire DoTs (almost everything we cast!) by 2 seconds, this set helps us save on Magicka as well as squeeze in extra spammables such as Whip or Force Pulse.  Does best on stationary fights with tons of group buffs.

Mother’s Sorrow

Where to get;

Deshaan world events including Dolmens, Public Dungeons, Delves, Quests, and Treasure Chests.

How it performs; If you’re not using Force Pulse, it’s going to out perform Acuity in most situations.  Sorrow offers 11.46% (70% uptime on 16.38% total) Spell Critical, while Acuity will needs to have an uptime of 21% (Acuity offers 54.2% Critical Rating when it activates with this build) or more to reach this.  In most cases this will no longer be attainable unless you’re super lucky or have a higher amount of Direct Damage.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Magicka Dragoknight is a perfect harmony of the play style of a Stamina build and the safety of a Magicka build.  Offering immense single target damage and access to Harness Magicka makes them incredibly fun and versatile.  If you tried out Stamina and couldn’t handle the heat, then reroll a Dragonknight and BE the heat!

  • While you’re in solo situations you’re going to have to experiment with different skills in order to sustain and keep yourself alive.  Luckily the Dragonknight has an incredible amount of skill diversity to fit into every situation you might find yourself in.

  • Any time you see an Off Balance proc (denoted on a target by a dizzy symbol above their head) try and get 1 or 2 Fully Charged Heavy Attacks off.  This will help your sustain incredibly!  If you’re using Flame Lash this is VITAL to pay attention to, as you can get 2 Power Lashes off every Off Balance proc if you understand how to utilize it.

  • Since we have no execute, our rotation and damage production is extremely attrition based.   If you’re not familiar with the rotation and struggle with more rigid play styles, you might have a hard time transitioning into the class.  Don’t give up and keep trying to get into the rhythm of the DK dance!

  • Don’t hesitate to experiment!  If something doesn’t work for you, try something else.  You can always revisit specific interactions or suggestions I’ve referenced when you feel confident.