Greetings, Gilliamtherogue here!  I’m the primary author of most of the PvE guides that you’ll find on this site, as well as having done this on a few others as well.  Even if you haven’t heard of my name, you’ve probably stumbled across some of my work in ESO somewhere or another.  I come from a long history of MMO gaming, and started stamping a name for myself in ESO’s early community with long winded explanations and mathematics behind operations of the game’s combat system.  My goal is always to help people learn as much as they can, and to grow beyond their expectations, so a lot of my work is oozing with information for you to consume!

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Hi I’m Kena

Heyo! I’m GandTheImpaler, fellow ESO player and Class Representative. I’m the builder of the site and have done the majority of the back-end work as well as some of the PvP builds you will find on this site. I am a long time, passionate Elder Scrolls Online player and have been playing for years now. The knowledge I have amassed over said time, along with my colleagues is all here for your viewing. I can’t wait to teach and help many of you as time goes on and I truly hope you enjoy your visit on this site! Don’t hesitate to contact me on either Twitter or Discord where my name is the same.